Engineering Excellence

We are experts of design and manufacturability and provide thorough documentation of our operation. We use a process approach for our engineering, which includes planning, programing, and computerized routings to develop the right process and provide continuity during the manufacturing cycle.

Sussek has made significant investments in automation. With a dedicated team focused solely on executing automation opportunities and fostering a culture of continuous improvement across the company, Sussek recognizes tangible results from automation investments, including eliminating ergonomic redundancies, increasing floor space/throughput/uptime, reducing costs and repurposing the labor force.

Our highly skilled and experienced Engineering group utilizes CAM software that links directly with our CAD Systems to generate flawless CNC Machining programs.

Our in house fixture design and manufacturing team provide SMC with advantages beyond most while perfecting manufacturing capabilities, including hydraulic and pneumatic clamping, adding integrity and repeatability to process control.

We continuously improve our processes based off results, nonconforming parts, CPK results, process rate achievement, ergonomics, and employee input to make sure we are engineering top of the line products, fixtures, and designs.

Additional Capabilities

Precision Machining and Metalworking

Sussek Machine Company not only manufactures their own hydraulic, pneumatic, or manual fixtures, we also manufacture and build our own assembly machines that are PLC Controlled pneumatic, or manual.

We are capable of producing unique and prototyping parts quickly with our seasoned full-time staffed Tool Room Machinists. In addition, Sussek Machine Company's Tool Crib is fully inventory controlled with trained professionals maintaining and using Zoller CNC for setting tools for production.

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