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With over 250 CNC Machining Centers and over 400,00 square feet of manufacturing space globally, Sussek Machine Company offers state-of-the-art precision machining and assemblies. Specialized machining capabilities include but are not limited to 5-axis mill machining, pallet pool milling lines, Swiss turning, up to 7-axis CNC turning, 5-axis CNC-Hobbing, Induction heat treating, CNC balancing, broaching, and a 5-stage part washing. Custom engineered hydraulic, pneumatic, manual part holding, and assembly machines built in-house. Being an engineering driven organization with technically proficient machinist allows the company to optimize its manufacturing efficiencies and global cost structures for its customers. Sussek can design and manufacture components that are specialized for its clients’ product needs within its different facilities where each possesses a specialized focus and talent. The companies’ facilities share central resources and technology and leverage best practices across the company, with the ability to move work between facilities where necessary or prudent.

Some of our specialized machining capabilities include but are not limited to 5-axis Palletech line, 4-axis linear pallet line, 5-axis CNC-Hobbing, Radyne Induction Heat Treating, Balancing, Broaching, and a 5-stage part washing.

  • Our milling machines are capable of running a part that is 41"x 35" x 38" with a part and fixture weight of 3300lbs.
  • Our hob is capable of running parts that are 9" diameter and have a height of 16".
  • Our lathe machines are capable of running a part with a diameter of 28", a height of 29", and a load capacity of 1433lbs.
  • The CNC grinder operation is capable of running a part with an 11" diameter and load weight of 330lbs.
  • The heat treat operation is capable of handling a part with a height of 60" and weighing up to 250lbs.

In addition to our machining capabilities we offer customizable packaging, hydraulic, electric, and pneumatic assembly to meet our customer's needs. We also have an internal automation team that works to automate our cells for increased production and quality.

Sussek Machine is willing to invest in dedicated manufacturing cells for high volume parts, automation when justified or add new machining capabilities to ensure customers demand is exceeded with quality products that are delivered on-time.

Equipment List

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Horizontal Machine Centers 17 4-Axis Mills 1050 X 900 X 980 Many with High Pressure Coolant, up to 240 tools.
Vertical Machining Centers 95 Up to full 5-Axis 1400 X 600 X 675 Many with High Pressure Coolant, up to 60 tools.
Horizontal Turning Centers 2 Mill & Lathe X: 335 / Z: 1110 90° & 0° Live Holders, 12" chuck
Single Spindle Horizontal Lathe 84 Up to 4-axis X: 400 / Z: 820 Up to 15" chucks, Programmable tail stock
Twin Spindle Horizontal Lathe 1 2 Axis Lathe X: 250 / Z: 265 12" Chucks, Parts Loader
Vertical Lathe 14 2 Axis Lathe X: 439.4 / Z: 800 18" Chuck, Live Tooling, High pressure coolant, Hi-Low Chuck pressure, Coolant Chillers
Horizontal Lathe With Sub-Spindle 10 Up to 6-Axis X: 175.26 / Z: 508 Y: 105.00 8" CHUCK, 20HP, 6,000 RPM, 5HP 6,000 RPM Live Tooling, Bar Feeders, High Pressure Coolant, Tool Load Moonitoring, Parts Catcher
Swiss Type Screw Machine Lathe 10 Up To 7-Axis Ø32.0 X 320 Ø32.0 Max With Bar Feeders, High Pressure Coolant, Up To 35 Tools.
Balancer 4 Single Plane Up To 165 lbs Auto Correction, Ø24.0" Max, 11.0" Max Drill Radius, Hydraulic Drill Supports
Horizontal Broacher 3 Horizontal Ø508 X 1524 20,000 # Pull
Double Ram Vertical Broacher 1 Double Ram Vertical Ø304.8 X 1422.4 Ø241.3 Max If Doing Two Parts At Time
Induction Heat Treater 1 25 kHz Ø304.8 X 762 150# Total, 8" Spindle Centers
Induction Heat Treater 1 3 /10 kHz Ø304.8 X 1524 250# Per spindle, 12" Spindle Centers
CNC OD Grinder 1 Angle Head Ø400 X 1047.75
CNC OD Grinder 1 Plain Cylinder Ø300 X 508
Surface Grinder 8 Face Grind 440 x 1100 Magnetic Table, 3-AXIS
Cutoff / Band Saw 6 Saw Ø280 X 580 Bar Feeder, Band Speed 10-120 M/Min
Knee Mill 4 MILL 880 X 395 X 380
Engine Lathe 5 LATHE 500 X 2032
Engine Lathe 4 Lathe
CNC Hob 1 5-Axis Ø226 X 249 4.23 Max DP
CMM 10 CMM 1200 X 3000 X 1000 PC-DMIS
Welder 1 MIG WELDER Welding Power Source
Welder 1 TIG WELDER Welding Power Source, AC-DC Gas Tungsten Arc
Welder 1 PLASMA CUTTER 125PSI / 65PSI, 300 SCFH
Robot 7 Six-Axis Robot IR Vision-2D
Jig Grinder 1 610 X 914.4
Lapping Machine 1 Ø508.0
Barrel Finisher 1 Ø10.25 x 17.25 10HP 4.7cu ft
Plasma Cutter 1 22.0MM

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